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Your Marketing Solution

 A quick 3-act play

Written & Produced by

Peter T. Britton


Preamble: You might see yourself – or your current situation – somewhere in Act 1. That’s OK, because you see the similarities, you will discover there is a solution to your marketing needs – The Write Answers. Find out more great productions when you email


Act 1 Scene 1


A large jewelry-marketing firm was in trouble. Despite the fact they have more than 6 million customers in their database, they can only market profitably to 65,000 each month. And their acquisition totals, which used to stand at 40,000 every month, were down to a shocking 2,000 a month. They sent out an SOS – Save Our Sales – and The Write Answers responded with the right answers.


Scene 2


A European non-profit organization wants to jump into the US market. Their needs are immediate: they don’t want a long-term solution, but a short-term program to generate donations for a specific charitable event. Can The Write Answers find the American donors they need?


Scene 3


An established product marketer wants to transition his business from print-only to online. His products target the religious community. But, the owner knows nothing about the online world, social media or e-commerce. Good thing The Write Answers can answer his prayers.


Scene 4


A start-up e-commerce business has a unique product – small-batch, uniquely created coffee by subscription. The fulfillment chain is in place, but they need a creative concept to get sales brewing. They started their road to success when they shared a cup of Joe with The Write Answers.


Act 2


The Write Answers is more than just copy. From creative concept through implementation of a promotion, from managing teams of designers and developers, to buying media, from overseeing print production to analyzing response results, The Write Answers if your complete marketing solution.


Solutions mean results.


For the fashion jewelry marketer, The Write Answers increased monthly acquisition by 20% in the first 30-days, and in six months had that number back to 35,000 a month. For the back end, in just five months, The Write Answers increased profitable monthly mailings to more than 600,000!


For the European non-profit, The Write Answers created and managed a promotion that found more than 154,000 donors in just six months who generated more than $2 Million Dollars in donations to help the cause.


For the religious marketer, The Write Answers created a social networking web site that grew to more than $1.5 million registered members in just 18 months – and generated more than $150,000 9in sales every month.


And for the coffee e-commerce company, The Write Answers created a fully integrated social media community of more than 125,000 friends and followers, and more than 25,000 monthly customers who spent $35 every month to find some joy in their cup of Joe.


Act 3


These are just a few of the marketing solutions The Write Answers provided to clients all over the world in the last 25 years. From Moscow to Hong Kong, from Toronto to Los Angeles, in the B2B arena or the B2C world, The Write Answers has the experience and expertise to tackle any marketing challenge.


So… what is your challenge? Do you have a new product that you need to introduce to the world? Are you looking to enter a new market in some far off corner? Maybe your results just plain suck and you need someone who can breathe new life into your promotions.


Online, offline, or broadcast… The Write Answers delivers marketing solutions to your challenges.


Contact The Write Answers via email at and let’s chat.


I cannot guarantee specific results. I can guarantee fresh, unique ideas, expert implementation and honest effort.


When you have marketing questions, you need The Write Answers


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